If you purchase a brand new Linux cloud website hosting, it is generated on a server and the entire process typically takes some time, in addition to the confirmation and processing of your transaction, which a lot of companies perform personally. When you acquire a dedicated server, for instance, the installation takes longer since the machine needs to be assembled, installed and tried to make sure that it'll operate the right way. By reason of this, various providers have a one-time fee to cover the time and efforts devoted to your new account. The cost, which can sometimes be high, is usually not mentioned on the front page, and you will see it on the checkout or payment page, thus you will not be familiar with it before you've already completed the entire registration process and you may even miss it if you do not pay attention.
Setup Fee in Cloud Website Hosting
Our cloud website hosting plans do not have any sort of setup costs or any other concealed fees in general. When you buy your account, we'll process your payment immediately then the account will be created and activated by our system right away. The full cost that you'll need to pay for your website hosting package will be identical all around - on our main, order & payment pages, and you will not find or have to pay anything in addition to that cost any time. That is valid irrespective of whether you purchase numerous accounts because it's our belief that creating trust is far more important than getting several more dollars. Our account activation will be real-time, therefore you are able to go ahead and start setting up your websites without delay.